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Xenpsychous would like to acknowledge his brother, Sam, of Mad Sampson and the S&M Show. Con Nachzehrer is a creature of Xenpsychous's childhood, and though the current comic is not in any way co-created with Sam, the two of them invented many adventures for Con Nachzehrer, then known as Con Dracula, during their childhood. It was also a conversation with Sam a year or two before the comic was released which sparked Xenpsychous to go about adapting the old character and tweaking it to become a webcomic.

Con Nachzehrer is made using four pieces of software: Daz Studio, Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape. Please support the creators of the software that makes the comic possible.

Con Nachzehrer uses the fonts Mail Ray Stuff, Planet Benson, and Credit Valley. They are all freeware fonts by Ray Larabie.

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