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Friends of Geek Force:

Dustin Carter: An alumni of Geek Force, and the artist for Geek Force's second webcomic, Rick, the Cryptozoologist, Dustin Carter is currently working on his youtube series, Low Budget Man.

Sam and Matt: The stars of the S&M Show Podcast. Sam is also Mad Sampson. Matt has a side project, Prime on Demand.

White Atlantic: A local band whom Xenpsychous befriended. They're just generally a great rock and roll band.

Apanea: Another local band whom Xenpsychous knows, they play death metal.

Other Projects by Geek Force:

Rick, the Cryptozoologist:Our second webcomic and a completed series. Rick's run lasted a little over three years.

Geek Force, the Webcomic:Geek Force's flagship project which Xenpsychous is currently working to reboot.

Other Webcomic's Sites:

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